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Makarska Apartments

Because of all its beauty and content, Makarska has become a very attractive location for real estate buying and a very interesting market for all potential "hunters" on real estate.

Anyway, the Makarska Riviera is a magnificent gift of nature - the monumental mountain of Biokovo, with its impressive size and beauty, which rises above the Makarska Riviera as an insurmountable patron of all settlements at its foot and tourist places along the shores that are like a shimmering pearl necklace in its foot. One of these settlements at its foot is the small coastal town of Makarska. Since ancient times, Makarska has been the center of Makarska coast, administrative, political, economic, cultural and educational, and since the mid-20th century and tourist. Today it is a city with more than 15 thousand inhabitants, including picturesque settlements under Biokovo, Veliko Brdo, Puharići, Kotišina and Makar from which the name Makarska emerged.    

Makarska is one of the most famous tourist destinations on the Croatian coast, attractive for its natural and climatic characteristics, a variety of tourist offers and hospitable hosts. The sandy and pebble beach is almost 2 km long and is still recognizable today. Various tourist facilities, comfortable hotels, catering facilities with gastronomic specialties and plenty of fun for children and adults are located along the promenade along the promenade. The Makarska is located at the foot of the mountainous Massif Biokovo (1762 m), which protects the continental climate and has a lush Mediterranean vegetation, mild winter, long and hot summers with a refreshing maestral. The sun is over 2750 hours a year with an air temperature of more than 20 ° C from June to September, and the clear sea from June to October has a temperature above 20 ° C. The town of Makarska has developed around a natural harbor that is protected by the picturesque peninsula Sveti Petar and Otočje and is the largest and the only such port between the Cetina and Neretva inlets. It is safe to shelter and shelter for bad times, sometimes sailors, pirates and merchants, and today, sailing yachts, sailors and excursion boats. This has contributed to becoming an important trading port, especially during Turkish and Venetian occupation. Today, the port drives a ferry several times a day for Sumartin on Brac. For summer evenings, the harbor is full of yachts and tourist excursion boats, and Kacic Square in the center of town is full of youth that enjoys entertaining and cultural events. The deeper the night the makarska riviera is alive, and the cafes, restaurants and disco bars are getting fuller. The history of the city is best known in the Franciscan monastery, which celebrated 500 years of existence. It houses the Pinakotaku, the library, the unique Malachological Museum and the Mountain and Sea Institute. On Kačićeva square is the church of Sv. Marka, and on its northern side in the old school of Gojak Gallery, the City Library, Music School and Makarska riviera.On the shore is the City Museum and the church of Sv. Philip. In the park of Sv. Petar is a renovated church of Sv. Petar and there is also a beautiful view of the city, magnificent Biokovo and the bay. Because of all its beauty and content, Makarska has become a very attractive place to buy real estate and a very interesting market for all potential "hunters" on real estates who intend to invest and monetize their real estate.

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