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Živogošće is a coastal place in the Makarska Coast which belongs to the municipality of Podgora.

Živogošće is a coastal place in the Makarska littoral that belongs to the municipality of Podgora, about 20 kilometers from Makarska, 80 kilometers from Split and 120 kilometers from Dubrovnik. It consists of five settlements located by the coast, which are: Strnj, Porat, Mala Duba, Blato and Murava. Great sunshine and beautiful beaches contribute greatly to the development of tourism in this area, which is increasingly visited every year by tourists from all over the world.    

For its guests Živogošće has private accommodation types in apartments and rooms of family houses and in comfortable hotels and villas.With a rich history, attested by Roman remains in the place and natural beauties, this region makes an interesting tourist destination ideal for a holiday with family and friends.Živogošće. Accommodation in Živogošće. Apartments, rooms, hotels and other tourist facilities Živogošće and its surroundings. Živogošće is also developing into a place that offers luxury hotels and is thus interesting for potential real estate buyers.

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