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With a beautiful long beach and harbor in Zaostrog, it is built next to old and new, modern equipped holiday homes and apartments.

According to archaeological finds, Zaostrog was inhabited in Roman times as evidenced by numerous ancient monuments, including the relief of Mithras and the tombstone of Aurelia Veturia, located in a monastery collection. Zaostorg is a former base of medieval Neretva princes, of which there are many historical witnesses. The fortress "Ostrog", located high up in the hill of the tip of Little Vitera, is one of the four fortified cities of "Pagany" mentioned by Car Konstantin Porfirogenet. In the 15th century, the masters of Zaostroga were the Vlatkovic-Jurjevic feudalists who had a fortified city on Viter, the mountain above Zaostrog. For the first time, Zaostrog mentioned in 1494 in Croatian and Turkish. In the old town of Zaostrog there are three churches, the old Gothic church of St. Barbara, Church of St. The 17th century rock and the newer church of St. Barbara from 1872. The inhabitants of Zaostrog started to descend to the sea already in the 17th century and after the earthquake in 1962, as well as other shackles from the settlement below the Biokovo mountain leave the old village in the new Zaostrog. The end is developing tourism. With a beautiful long beach and harbor, they are built next to old and new, modernly equipped holiday homes and apartments. Zaostrog today has about 350 inhabitants.    

Today Zaostrog is a favorite tourist destination primarily due to the beautiful sandy and pebble beaches that are accompanied by pine trees, restaurants and tourist facilities. The most famous cultural, religious and educational center of the Upper Makarska Riviera is the Franciscan monastery of Sv. Marija in Zaostrog.

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