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The PROJECT Glavica

The settlement of Glavica as an urban and architectural solution of "green construction" will be an example of a positive approach to the construction and urbanization of privately owned urban areas.


Construction of the first residential buildings in the future settlement "Glavica" near the center of Makarska soon begins. The planned settlement is in a fantastic location, close to kindergarten, Primary School in the center of Makarska, all the necessary amenities that are ideal for starting a family life, and at the same time this settlement offers future buyers an urban lifestyle in a quiet environment with panoramic sea views of the islands.
In accordance with the current spatial plans and decisions, in 2012 a detailed plan for the "urban plan for the settlement of Glavica" was adopted, covering an area of ​​37,000 m2. The plan envisages two thoroughfares in the Glavica area. North road with access to the highway which is of significant interest for traffic flow of the city and another road which is planned in the middle of the parcel in question and which would primarily serve for traffic in the future settlement Glavica.
The construction of the northern road due to its connection with the highway is of great importance for the traffic connection of the city and is of public interest.
As part of the UPU solution for the Glavica space, one of the plots envisages the construction of a hotel-tourist purpose facility for the purpose of health tourism, that is, a clinic with hotel accommodation capacity. The construction of the said clinic would provide a multifunctional space suitable for the sick, the city of Makarska would be richer for new facilities, new jobs would be created, and income would be generated from which the wider community would profit.
In October 2019, the owners of building plots of 13,700 m2, requested construction permits for the construction of 3 buildings and location permits for two plots, as well as for the mentioned road, all in accordance with the law and applicable spatial plans.
The City of Makarska has initiated the process of obtaining a location permit for the northern thoroughfare with access to the highway, and this process is also underway.
According to the required building permits for that part of Glavica, under buildings there will be about 30% of the surface of all pitches, under greenery and footpaths it will be 40% of the surface of all pitches, and under roads and outdoor parking lots about 30% of the surface of all pitches. The amount of land under the greenery in the total land area represents a step forward in the current practice.
The land in question has been completely neglected and according to the owner's plans and construction projects in the newly built settlement there will be a large part of landscaped green area with public access
All conceptual designs and major designs were done by ARGENTARIA d.o.o.
PROJECT HEMERA company d.o.o. excavations and work began in early February 2020, as the first building permit was obtained. The plan is to build building by building. The construction of the first residential building "Adria" has already begun.