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Terms of business

Pursuant to the provisions of the Act on Real Estate Brokerage Act (Official Gazette No. 107 of 19 October 2007), for the ADRION REAL ESTATE AGENCY OF Makarska, this Act defines:

General terms and conditions of business OPERATIONS Article 1 The terms and conditions of business of real estate agents (hereinafter: General Terms and Conditions) shall be governed by the business relationship between the real estate brokerage agency (hereinafter: the broker) and the natural or legal person (hereinafter: the Client) who mediates the mediation contract with the intermediary. Open terms are an integral part of the mediation contract concluded between the intermediary and the principal. Article 2 The terms and terms in these General Terms have the following meanings: Real Estate Agent - Real Estate Transaction Agency ADRION NEKRETNINE from Makarska, Kralja Zvonimira 3a. Real estate transactions are real estate agents who deal with the relationship between the ordering party and the third party, as well as negotiations and preparations for the conclusion of legal affairs for which the property is subject to purchase, sale, exchange, rent, lease and so on. Real estate is the particle of land surfaces, along with everyone which is permanently connected to the surface or below it under the provisions of the general property and other real property law. The contractor is a natural or legal person who concludes a written mediation contract (seller, buyer, tenant, charterer, lessee, and other potential participants in real estate transactions). A large person is the person who real estate agent tries to connect with the orderer to negotiate the legal transactions that are the subject of the real estate. The transfer fee is the amount that the subscriber is obliged to pay to the mediator for the services of comparison. OFFER REAL ESTATE 3. Property realization is based on the information obtained by the broker in a written or oral way from the customer. The mediator reserves the possibility of the defect in the description and the price of the real estate, and the possibility that the advertised property is already sold (leased) or the owner has given up the sale (lease). The information, information and information that the mediator gives to the ordering party must be kept as a business secret and only with the written consent of the agency, to third parties. If the ordering party is already familiar with the real estate offered by the agent, it is obliged to inform the agency in writing, by e-mail, by fax or by registered letter without delay. REAL ESTATE PROPERTIES Article 4 Real estate prices are denominated in Euros and are paid in kuna equivalent. CONDITIONS OF SUBMITTING Article 5 The brokerage contract requires the intermediary to contact the contractor with the ordering person who would negotiate with him on the conclusion of the contract and the ordering party is obliged to pay a certain commission if the contract is concluded. The mediation contract (hereinafter referred to as the mediation contract) shall be concluded between the intermediary and the principal. The mediation contract shall contain true, accurate and complete information on the sale / purchase of real estate. as far as the brokerage contract is not signed, the ordering party is not obligated to pay a fee to the payer, all in the event that the mediator does not in any way prove that he has mediated when committing the legal transaction. The mediator on the order of mediation for the sale or purchase of the property by the principal and before the conclusion of the mediation contract may mediate on behalf of the principal and if he has signed only the written purchase / sale / lease / lease order in which the order also indicated real estate information, and intermediary fees. Work orders for brokerage are agents of ADRION NEKRETNINE agency agent who is using the order to enter the field by the ordering party. The seller may insist on the vendor on the basis of his oral order to make the advertising of the real estate on his web site and record it in the medial diary. the prospective buyer will be informed by the potential buyer about this and will sign the mediation contract if the seller wishes to sign it, while the intermediary is not obliged to contact the potential buyer with the seller, all in case the broker does not want to agree to mediation only on the one hand, that is, that its deducted mediation fee is only charged by the buyer on the basis of a written or verbal order to mediate with the buyer. Article 6. The sale of real estate that is co-owned by several persons requires the written consent of all co-owners or representatives of all co-owners for the sale of real estate in the form of acceptance of the mediation contract.