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Today Gradac is a well-known tourist destination with all the necessary catering and tourist facilities.

At the very end of the Makarska Riviera (or in the beginning, if it is from the east), is Gradac, the largest place in southern Makarska littoral, a municipal center with 3615 inhabitants. Apart from traditional farming, fishing and olive groves, the residents are engaged in tourism and catering. The beautiful beach "Gornja vala", south of the port, the longest on the Makarska Riviera attracts many tourists. The first hotel was built back in 1919. Today apart from private accommodation in houses, villas and apartments in Graz there are several high category hotels.    

Today, Gradac is a well known tourist destination with all the necessary catering and tourist facilities, as well as numerous ways to relax, rest and recreation. Rich archaeological finds speak of its past from the Roman times, from the Middle Ages to the present day. Car K. Porfirogenet mentions the medieval town of Lapčanj (Labinac), and it is mentioned by the king of the purchase of 1417. The oldest Lapčan in the 17th century changes its main defensive position and name in Gradac. The remains of the old tower from the 16th century are preserved, and the sacral monuments are worthy of the church of St. 19th century Mihovil and the church of St. Anthony at the cemetery from the 18th century

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