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Visit Drvenik and see for yourself, because experiencing Drvenik means enjoying a good holiday away from urban centers

Drvenik is a place on the Makarska riviera located under the reefs of Biokovo mountain. The first time mentioned in the 13th century, the name was given by the word wood. The remains of the 13th century dwellings in the Old Village are witnessed of this period and today. Drvenik is an area rich in historical archaeological sites, of which it is worth mentioning the prehistoric fortification fort of Gradina, Crkva sv. Jura from the 14th century, a monument to the unhappy love of "Kostanića greb" from the 15th century and the path through Biokovo where Alberto Fortis wrote to Hasanaginica. After the earthquake in 1962, the inhabitants of Drvenik moved from the settlement at the foot of Mount Biokovo (Staro selo) along the sea coast to two idyllic sunny coves: Donja and Gornja Vala, so the Old Village remained an idyllic holiday space. Unspoiled nature, well-kept olive groves, a view from the two wooden valleys and the Hvar and Bračk channel , perhaps the most beautiful view from this area, gives tourists an invaluable experience. Drvenik with its several kilometers long promenade along the sea, miles of beaches, gazebos, sports recreation facilities, and signposts marked by the mountain scenic landscape soon becomes the favorite place for every tourist and hikers. Also, Drvenik can boast as one of the first destinations in this area where you can freely communicate with the whole world on the beach, thanks to the free Wi-Fi internet network.    

Visit Drvenik and see for yourself, because experiencing Drvenik means enjoying a quality holiday away from urban centers, swimming in the crystal clear Adriatic Sea, enjoying the natural sea and mountain scenery, tasting a rich gastronomic offer and enjoying the seaside, seaside, native and original ambience, and also enjoy the rich program of "Cultural and Fun Summer".

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