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On the slopes of Biokovo, at 150 m above sea level, 2 km east of Baška Voda is village Bast.

On the slopes of Biokovo, at 150 m above sea level, Bast village is located 2 km east of Baska Voda. The name Basa, whose roots are probably drawn from ancient times (Biston), was first written in 1434.    

Apart from the spectacularly preserved Dalmatian architecture (buildings covered with stone plates with stone fumaras and solar panels), the site of the beautiful church of St. Peter, Rocca (XV century) in Gothic style and late-baroque church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (1636), which at the end of the XIXth century received new marble altars (J. Barišković). Around the church there is an old cemetery where the most interesting four tombstones with embellished shields, swords and semi-dome (XIV - XV century) are most interesting. To the north of the village there is an archaeological site, Elijah (1895) and St. Nikole (1926), and at the Smokvin source at the archaeological site of Grebišće there is an ornament decorated with stećak stećak (XIII / XV). Bast was the center of the parish until 1885 when the parish office moved to Baška Voda. With its traditional agricultural affairs, the place has long been inhabited by quarries, but at the end of the 20th century it turns tourism, offering rooms and apartments to private houses, and gastronomic delights in Dalmatian taverns .

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