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Apartments Makarska, second building Aqua

Glavica residential complex will soon get its second residential building "Aqua"

The Glavica residential complex will soon get its second residential building. Construction of the second building "Aqua" began in March 2022, and the end of work is planned by the end of 2023.
The building consists of a basement that will have two floors (-1 and -2 in which there will be garage spaces), a high ground floor and 4 floors.

There will be a total of 40 housing units in the building. The building will have two entrances with elevators, and there will be 4 apartments on each floor. 

We offer one bedroom apartments ranging from 50 m2 - 53 m2. All one bedroom apartments are located on the south front of the building.
Two bedroom housing units range from 60 m2 - 72 m2. Two bedroom apartments are located on the south facade and on the sides of the building ( East - West ).
In terms of construction and equipment, the building is built to a high standard and will be superbly equipped. The facade of the building will have 8 cm thick stone wool with superior thermal, hydro and sound insulation of the building.


- The building is built according to high standards with excellent thermal, hydro and sound insulation.

- Facade of the building : 8 cm thick stone wool thermal insulation and silicate paint. Also, the walls of the apartments on the side of the staircase are lined with stone wool ("insulation in the staircase").

- The complete drainage of rainwater from the external parts of the building / balcony is "hidden" built into the facade of the building.

- The staircase will be covered with stone with a stainless steel railing in the staircase. The walls around the elevator will be covered with stone, and one wall in each corridor with mirrors.

- The railings on the balconies will be made of glass.

- The exterior carpentry is made of high  - quality wood profiles on the inside / aluminum on the outside, with thermal insulating glass and blinds with electric control.

- The sliding walls on the balconies are liftable, sliding, high - quality profiles, wood on the inside / aluminum on the outside, with heat - insulating glass and blinds with electric control.

- The entrance doors to the apartments will be "Blindo" security burglar bars, and the interior doors to the apartments will be white veneer with hidden connectors.

- The walls in the apartments are covered with plasterboard, smoothed and painted with dispersive paints.

- In the living room, dining room and rooms, high - quality parquet with matching white moldings.

- The bathrooms will have underfloor heating, first - class quality ceramic tiles. The showers are on the "walk - in" principle with floor insulation and channels, glass shower cabins, a high - quality battery for hot and cold water, a hanging toilet bowl with a built - in cistern, a cabinet with a sink and a mirror, and an "Ariston" electric boiler will be installed.

- In the kitchen, 1st class ceramic tiles are installed on the floor and wall, and buyers should inform the investor if they do not want tiles installed on the kitchen wall due to their other choices.

- In all apartments there is a connection for a washing machine and a connection for a dishwasher, a connection and a separate ventilation vertical for the hood.

- High - quality air conditioners ( Mitsubishi ) are installed in each bedroom and in the living room, and the outdoor units of each apartment are on the flat roof of the building.

- Complete LED lighting fixtures are installed throughout the apartment and additional LED strips, as well as telephone, TV / SAT and Internet sockets in the living room and in the bedrooms. The switches and plugs are modern, high - quality in a larger number - partial lighting of the apartment. In the bedrooms, the possibility of switching on / off on both sides of the bed.

- Video intercoms will be installed in the apartments.

- The building will have two elevators installed.

- Two garage doors with remote control will be installed (on -1 floor and -2 floor).

- Each apartment has a separate water meter and electric meter.

- The horticulture around the building and the gardens belonging to individual apartments was arranged, plants and trees were planted ( oleander, laurel, yucca, bamboo, palms, cypresses, etc. )

For all questions, contact us at the Adrion Real Estate Agency

The structure of the second building "Aqua" in the residential area Glavica
Housing units : 40
Garage spaces : Basement -2 = 39 parking spaces,
On the basement floor -1 = 24 parking spaces
Parking spaces in front of the building : 12
Pantries : 10 on the ground floor, 1 pantry on the 1st floor.

Availability of apartments :


A1 GROUND FLOOR 52,03 m2 (one bedroom apartment) 5.000,00 € 260.150,00 €
A2 GROUND FLOOR 51,80 m2 (one bedroom apartment) 5.000,00 € 259.000,00 €
A3 - - SOLD -
A3a GROUND FLOOR 71,96 m2 (two bedroom apartment) 4.950,00 € 356.202,00 €
A4 FIRST FLOOR 67,45 m2 (two bedroom apartment) 5.050,00 € 340.622,50 €
A5 FIRST FLOOR 49,44 m2 (one bedroom apartment) 5.050,00 € 249.672,00 €
A6 - - SOLD -
A7 FIRST FLOOR 63,09 m2 (two bedroom apartment) 4.950,00 € 312.295,50 €
A8 - - SOLD -
A9 - - SOLD -
A10 - - SOLD -
A11 SECOND FLOOR 62,92 m2 (two bedroom apartment) 4.950,00 € 311.454,00 €
A12 THIRD FLOOR 69,72 m2 (two bedroom apartment ) 5.150,00 € 359.058,00 €
A13 - - SOLD -
A14 - - SOLD -
A15 THIRD FLOOR 63,14 m2 (two bedroom apartment) 4.950,00 € 312.543,00 €
A16 -   SOLD -
A17 -   SOLD -
A18 -   SOLD -
A19 FOURTH FLOOR 62,53 m2 (two bedroom apartment ) 4.950,00 € 309.523,50 €



B1 GROUND FLOOR 51,68 m2 (one bedroom apartment)
5.000,00 € 258.400,00 €
B2 GROUND FLOOR 51,11 m2 (one bedroom apartment) 5.000,00 € 255.550,00 € + FURNITURE
B3 - - SOLD -
B4 GROUND FLOOR 72,59 m2 (two bedroom apartment) 4.950,00 € 359.320,50 €
B5 FIRST FLOOR 69,71 m2 (two bedroom apartment) 5.050,00 € 352.035,50 € + FURNITURE
B6 - - SOLD -
B7 - - SOLD -
B8 FIRST FLOOR 63,50 m2 (two bedroom apartment) 4.950,00 € 314.325,00 €
B9 SECOND FLOOR 69,76 m2 (two bedroom apartment) 5.100,00 € 355.776,00 €
B10 - - RESERVED -
B11 - - SOLD -
B12 SECOND FLOOR 63,53 m2 (two bedroom apartment) 4.950,00 € 314.473,50 €
B13 - - RESERVED -
B14 - - RESERVED -
B15 - - SOLD -
B16 THIRD FLOOR 63,25 m2 (two bedroom apartment) 4.950,00 € 313.087,50 €
B17 FOURTH FLOOR 64,95 m2  (one bedroom apartment ) 5.200,00 €  337.740,00 €
B18 - - SOLD -
B19 - - SOLD -
B20 FOURTH FLOOR 63,43 m2 (two bedroom apartment) 4.950,00 € 313.978,50 €


Plane of apartments


Construction will be to the highest standards. Entrance doors in the apartments will be security "Blindo" fire, and interior veneered doors 1st class, white. All rooms in the apartments will have built-in LED lighting fixtures. All rooms in the apartments will be air conditioned. The stairs are made of Brac stone and stainless steel railings, and the bathrooms have underfloor heating and high quality ceramics.


The Glavica settlement will have 5 residential buildings. The first building is currently finished, the apartments are ready to move in. Another building is under construction. Apartments can be booked.


The planned settlement is in a fantastic location near the kindergarten and school in the center of Makarska and all the necessary facilities that are ideal for starting a family life.
The settlement of Glavica as an urban and architectural solution of "green building" will be an example of a positive approach to the construction and urbanization of privately owned urban areas.